• Have a peaceful and bright holiday!

    Christmas is here, a time of joy, happiness and peace. And in a week, we will welcome the New Year – with new hopes and bright thoughts.

    We want to thank all our customers, partners and colleagues for the year 2022. It has been a challenging year with lots of changes and turbulence. In these uneasy times, it is important to support each other as much as we can.

    We continue with the good Christmas tradition and support charitable causes in all cities and towns where we operate. We are happy that Gren’s Christmas donation will help to make this Christmas more joyful for disabled persons in Pärnu, Kohtla-Järve and Jõhvi in Estonia, Jelgava and Daugavpils in Latvia, and Švenčionys in Lithuania. We do hope that our donation will help to improve the health of children from Jelgava and Riga in Latvia as well as from Klaipeda and Joniškis in Lithuania and Tartu in Estonia.

    We stand with Ukraine and continue to support the country also during Christmas time. In Lithuania and Latvia, we donate to the purchase of power generators for Ukraine, in Estonia our support goes to medical supplies, first aid equipment, humanitarian aid, transport and stabilization equipment for the wounded in Ukraine and in Finland for humanitarian support of children in Ukraine.

    Have a peaceful and merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful New Year!