Our activities

  • We serve our customers

    We are here to serve our customers – the residents and businesses within our cities– with green and reliable energy solutions that make their lives comfortable and carefree throughout the seasons. We offer modern and professional heating and cooling solutions – separately or in one package. We operate district heating networks, and service individual heat substations for housing associations, individual houses and business customers. We produce electricity that we sell directly to large industrial customers and to the grid.

  • We produce energy

    We produce energy – electricity, heating and cooling from local, renewable and CO2-free resources. We know that waste does not belong in landfills and is a valuable resource that can be turned into energy at the end of products’ life cycle, supporting the circular economy. With care for the environment and the planet, we know how to use natural resources to make your life comfortable and easy. We feel responsible for sharing what we do best and for contributing to societies and the planet’s benefit and well-being.

  • We offer

    We are flexible in our offers to serve the needs of our customers best. We are determined to widen our services and to grow even greener together with our customers. If you are interested, just let us know – we will create a tailor-made energy solution for all your needs.

  • District heating

    District heating is the safest and most environmentally friendly heating solution for cities and densely populated areas. It secures efficient use of fuels and significantly improves air quality in cities by reducing emissions of fine particles and dust into the air. District heating is a very convenient solution for customers with minimal maintenance costs, low initial investments for connection and with a professional customer service that allows to forget about regular maintenance of heating equipment and fuel supply.

  • District cooling

    As district heating, district cooling fits perfectly to cities and densely populated areas. Cooling can be produced in a very efficient way (e.g. we can use river’s water as a natural cooling source). The cooled water is distributed via networks to a customers’ cooling unit, where it circulates in the building to provide a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. Connecting a property to the network frees up large amounts of space and helps to achieve carbon neutrality to property owners.

  • Electricity

    Electricity is an essential part of our daily comfort and is widely used both by households and by different industries. Nowadays, with the wider use of modern technologies, the role of electricity has even increased. Moreover, electricity production plays an important role if we talk about lessening the climate change and the environmental footprint. The more renewables and other CO2-free resources are used for electricity production, the greener and better it is for people, societies and the planet.