Delivering local, low-cost,

low carbon heat

Gren finances, designs, develops and operates district energy systems, bringing low carbon generation to towns and communities and then distributing that energy through power and heat networks to consumers, business and industry.  

Security in diversity

Our heat sources are diverse. They include power stations, waterways, waste heat from industrial processes, transport systems and data centres.

An experienced operator

This technology isn’t new: heat networks are an internationally proven route for decarbonising heat at scale. Gren already operates energy systems in Scotland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Read more about our history of heat (link to innovation)  

Innovating at scale

Our approach is a step change in the way heat networks are developed in the UK, scaling to meet the needs of whole communities, creating jobs, strengthening local economies.  How we scale (link to innovation)  

A consumer champion

The energy systems we develop will not only be low-carbon: they will be affordable. We want to be the champion of the consumer, focused on delivering value, energy security and a just transition. 

Delivering at pace

Backed by global private equity firm Partners Group, Gren brings funding, fast decision making and the expertise to decarbonise heat quickly and affordably.