Join us in shaping sustainable success!

At Gren, our employees are the driving force behind the realization of our strategic goals and commitment to sustainable success. We foster a culture of continuous innovation and personal growth within our careers.

Together, we create a strong corporate culture anchored in mutual trust and respect, with an unwavering commitment to safety. Equality is not just a principle but a fundamental value, creating an environment where everyone feels fully engaged. As we continue to grow, our team at Gren has already reached over 450 dedicated individuals.

At Gren, we recognize that our most valuable asset is our people. We aim to be more than just an employer; we aspire to be the preferred workplace, attracting and retaining talented individuals across all levels. Our diverse team contributes their unique skills and perspectives, propelling us towards sustainable success.

Embark on an exciting journey with us, where innovation meets inclusivity, and individual growth fuels collective achievement. Join Gren, where your career is not just a job but an integral part of our shared commitment to sustainable success!

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Our values are Trust, Respect, Solution orientation and Customer focus.

Everything we do is based on trust. Trust stands for transparency, honesty, openness, and courage.

Respect guides us and our actions every day. We respect people, their opinions and ideas, their well-being and safety. As importantly, we respect the environment, society, and planet.

A solution-oriented mindset leads us in our business. A true partner for progress is solution-oriented.

Customers deserve our unlimited focus. We strive to be a partner for the progress of each customer. Listening to them, tackling their challenges, and finding them new opportunities.

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HR contacts by country

Minna Blomqvist, Gren Group

Chief People Officer

[email protected]

Ilona Goluboviča, Latvia

HR Manager

[email protected]

Imbi Loomets; Estonia

HR Manager

[email protected]

Rūta Miknevičiūtė, Lithuania

HR Manager

[email protected]

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