Leading Industrial energy services

We offer our industrial customers best-in-class expertise

Our customers need solutions that balance financial and technical constraints, guarantee availability and security, and have the resilience to withstand significant change. The industrial energy services offer our industrial customers best-in-class expertise and a customized energy service – it makes them more competitive.

This is how Gren helps large-scale emission reduction for its partners:

  • Industrial energy services with capacity at scale
  • Industrial cooling solutions
  • Waste heat recovery solutions
  • Battery solutions
  • Equipment optimization, monitoring and maintenance services.

We provide energy solutions for a range of sectors, including the food, forestry, energy and logistics industries. We have significant experience working with the construction industry and for all industrial-scale energy users.

Our Industrial energy services can be delivered at scale for all kinds of partners – we can tailor our services to meet your needs specifically, and our experience and professionalism inform every project we work on.

We are energizing the future, today. It means forging strong relationships with the technology developers who can help optimize our energy solutions, for example by cooperating with leading technology partners, research institutes and universities. Our future-facing approach means we can develop long-term solutions and benefits for our partners and help them plan for a more sustainable future.

Partnership with Europe’s leading wooden pallet blanks manufacturer

Gren participates in the expansion of Juodeliai’s production capacity at their Marijampolė site in Lithuania. This collaboration will introduce a complex configuration of energy services that converts wood processing residues into valuable industrial heat, essential for Juodeliai’s new lumber drying process.

A perfect example of partnership in the circular economy

A significant amount of wood chips is generated in plywood production at the Pärnu Metsä Wood mill. These wood chips are transported only two kilometers to Gren’s combined heat and power plant, where wood leftovers are utilized for heat, steam, and electricity production, and fulfilling the needs of Pärnu Metsä Wood mill. This is a perfect example of partnership in a circular economy.

Pärnu Metsä Wood

Industrial cooling solution to E-Piim’s dairy complex

“Gren industrial energy service and expertise enables us to reduce the risks related to the construction and operation of the factory and to focus on our core business”, says Randel Veerits, Plant Director of E-Piim.

A team dedicated to your growth

We have clear and transparent operating models at every stage – design, operation and maintenance – and also use an open and flexible pricing model. Your Gren team has extensive energy sector experience, and we’re experts in developing the synergies that help develop, construct, and maintain quality energy solutions.

We believe partnership depends on openness and collaboration – that flexibility underpins all our customized industrial energy solutions.

We work hard to help our customers meet their sustainability goals. Our Industrial energy services empower customers with solutions that are environmentally and economically sustainable, making tangible contributions to decarbonization.

We can help strengthen your core business, optimize production and business processes and improve your supply chains. Together, we can help you grow sustainably- our team is ready and waiting to find the energy solutions you need. Welcome to Gren!


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