We are Gren

  • We focus on producing sustainable energy based on local renewables, waste and excess heat from industrial processes, and providing the best energy solutions – district heating & cooling and industrial energy services for our customers.

    In Gren, experience meets future-minded initiatives. This is where the future is being energized today in a sustainable and efficient way.

    This is where we switch off all the excuses, and action on.

  • Our locations

  • Energy production and district energy businesses:

      • In Estonia – Pärnu, Tartu, Kohtla-Järve-Jõhvi-Ahtme region;
      • In Latvia – Jelgava, Daugavpils, Riga and Gulbene;
      • In Lithuania – Klaipeda, Kaunas, Joniškis,  Švenčionys,  Naujoji Akmenė,  Trakai, Vilnius, and Visaginas.
      • In the United Kingdom.
  • Gren Energy Service – energy and water supply services for industries:

      • Estonia,
      • Latvia,
      • Lithuania
      • United Kingdom.
    • 450

      Gren colleagues in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom

  • Our purpose and direction

    Our purpose gives the answer to the most fundamental question: why do we exist as a company? It is the reason of being.

    Our direction shows us what we want to reach. We want to be on our journey in one direction, shared by all of us and our stakeholders.

  • Our purpose: Energizing the future today

    We provide energy solutions, and we deliver energy. Our actions energize people, businesses and municipalities.

    We consider our  shared future and the generations to come. Of better, sustainable businesses. Better cities, better life quality.

    And we do it now – because the future is made today.

  • Mēs esam Gren

  • Our direction: Sustainable success

    We believe what is good for the environment, is good for people, society and businesses too.

    This is success as a win-win game:  what we call sustainable success. Driving forward our customers, partners and society. It’s just a matter of making it happen. Therefore:

    Excuses off. Action on. Let’s go for sustainable success.

  • Gren stratēģija

  • Our values

    Our values are principles that guide us as a company, as a team and as individuals.

    Four simple values we are committed to:

  • Trust

    Everything we do is based on trust

    Trust builds trust. For individuals, teams, businesses and communities. Therefore, trust is what we base everything on.

    Trust stands for transparency, honesty, openness and courage. We trust  in speaking our mind, telling the truth, and doing the right thing. Being true to ourselves.


  • Respect

    Respect guides us and our actions every day

    We respect people, their opinions and ideas, their wellbeing and safety. Whether it be our people, our customers, our partners or the authorities we work with.

    As importantly, we respect the environment, society and planet.

    Always aiming to be better. In everything we do.

  • Solution orientation

    Solution oriented mindset leads us in our business

    A true partner for progress is someone who is solution oriented. Someone who lifts you up and drives you forward.

    We are agile, flexible,  and adapt to new developments. When facing challenges, we neither hide nor run. Solving the expected and unexpected alike. Finding new solutions and opportunities. Pushing for innovation through ingenuity and resourcefulness, curiosity and initiative. Because what we do is our passion.

  • Customer focus

    Customers deserve our unlimited focus

    We strive to be a partner for progress for each and every customer.

    Listening to them, tackling their challenges and finding them new opportunities. Big and small. Every day.

    Exceeding customer expectations. Carrying our responsibilities, supporting  and helping. Going the extra mile when needed.

    This is what our customers deserve.

  • Our strategy

    Our strategy is driven by our purpose and values. It empowers our journey to reach our direction.

    Our people are the strength of our strategy – they make our strategy come alive. Safety in our operations is the utmost priority for us. And so are the environment and society –  we aim for excellence in everything we do.

    At the core of our strategy are our customers. We focus on developing and expanding our existing business by providing the best heating and cooling solutions and industrial energy services for our customers.

    And we are committed to growth, we actively search for new efficient solutions and growth opportunities beyond our existing businesses.