Our strategy is driven by our purpose and values. It empowers our journey to reach our direction.

Our people are the strength of our strategy – they make our strategy come alive. Safety in our operations is utmost priority for us. And so are the environment and society – we aim for excellence in everything we do.

In the core of our strategy are our customers. We focus on developing and expanding our existing business by providing the best heating and cooling solutions for our customers and communities and empowering industries with customized energy solutions.  And we are committed to growth, we actively search for new efficient solutions and growth opportunities beyond our existing businesses.

Growth is the essential part of Gren and making growth true distinct us from other energy companies: Successful growth requires strong customer focus and solution orientation to solve customers’ energy needs. Winning the competition requires efficient operations in our core that we can leverage to customer solutions.

Growth also attracts the best talents that make the strategy come alive.

Our values

Our values are principles that guide us as a company, as a team and as individuals. Our values are Trust, Respect, Solution Orientation and Customer Focus. 


Everything we do is based on trust. The more we trust in others, the more trust we receive in return – from individuals, teams, businesses, and communities. We aim to be transparent, honest, open, and courageous. We speak our mind, tell the truth, and do the right thing – we’re always true to ourselves.


Respect defines our behavior day to day. We strive to treat everyone with respect – our people, our customers, our partners, and the authorities we work with. We respect their opinions and ideas, their well-being and their safety. Just as importantly, we strive to respect the environment, society, and our planet. We’re always trying to do better.

Solution Orientation

Our business depends on finding solutions. Making true progress with our partners means helping them find answers to their challenges, improving their lives and driving them forward.

We are agile, flexible and adaptable – we embrace new challenges and delight in the unexpected. Our role is to continually seek solutions and opportunities for all our partners, through ingenuity, resourcefulness, curiosity, and initiative. Because we’re passionate about what we do.

Customer Focus

Customers deserve our unlimited focus – they need us to be a progressive partner. We listen carefully, embrace their challenges, and find new opportunities for them to grow. We always want to exceed their expectations and go the extra mile. Because it’s our responsibility to help and support them as much as we can. It’s what they deserve.