Plywood chips for heat, steam, and electricity at Pärnu Metsä Wood mill


A perfect example of partnership in the circular economy

Metsä Wood’s plywood mill in Pärnu produces 50,000 m3 of birch plywood annually. The mill manufactures plywood products of high added value, mainly for demanding end-users in the transportation equipment and construction industries. The finished plywood products are primarily exported to Central Europe.

A significant amount of wood chips is generated in plywood production at the Pärnu Metsä Wood mill. Fortunately, these wood chips are transported only two kilometers to Gren’s combined heat and power (CHP) plant, where wood leftovers are utilized for heat, steam, and electricity production, and fulfilling the needs of Pärnu Metsä Wood mill. This is a perfect example of partnership in a circular economy.

“Everyday cooperation entails smooth partnership and communication, trust, and a good attitude. Gren provides 24/7 monitoring service which is ensuring reliable system, seamless operation, and communication within the partnership. There is also a lot of information available, trainings for our employees. Most importantly, we can recycle all our plywood chips to heat, steam, and electricity in collaboration with Gren,” says Mill Director August Killing.

The system has been up and running and it has been running without any kind of long-term stoppages, only planned breaks. Besides, we have successfully synchronized all seasonal production breaks.

The mill’s future is promising, with a focus on continuous development in production efficiency and the achievement of sustainability goals.

“We are constantly striving for better efficiency and the reduction of production waste. Our partnership with Gren provides us an effortless way to manage plywood production side streams while simultaneously contributing to the circular economy,” confirms August Killing.

In the photo from the left:
Head of Business Development, Finland, Jussi Kukkonen; Head of Business Development, Estonia, Jaak Tuksam; Mill Director, Pärnu Metsä Wood, August Killing; Business Development Director, Finland, Hanna Sölli and Development Manager, Estonia, Priit-Mihkel Pihu.

Pärnu Metsä Wood