Gren is commencing the annual Customer Satisfaction Survey


Gren is commencing the annual Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) across Gren locations in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, starting from March 25th and continuing until April 15th. The objective of the survey is to learn how Gren customers feel and what they think about Gren, how they see and evaluate the services provided, and their quality.

The survey encompasses both B2C and B2B customer groups, and its findings play a crucial role in identifying areas for improvement within Gren’s operations. The survey is conducted by phone and e-mail by Gren’s partner company Kantar and the information obtained is confidential. The results of CSS will be available in the summer and will also be communicated to the customers.

Gren has been conducting the CSS survey since 2011, and the company’s customer satisfaction rating has consistently increased year after year. This underscores the importance of customer engagement in Gren’s performance assessment, as well as the value of the proposals customers make and the subsequent improvements Gren implements. These efforts are not only beneficial for the customers but also crucial for further enhancements and developments in our work.

We would like to thank all Gren customers for their responsiveness and involvement in creating a more comfortable and sustainable heating service!

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the survey, please contact our local customer departments.