Gren is constructing hi-tech industrial cooling solution to E-Piim’s dairy complex in Paide, Estonia


Gren continues the execution of its growth strategy in the segment of industrial energy solutions. As the result of a great cooperation, Gren will build one of the largest industrial cooling systems in the Baltic States for the E-Piim’s Paide factory, with a total installed capacity of approx. 6 000 kW.

Dairy factory’s industrial cooling system will produce cooling with high efficiency compressors, which will use ammonia as refrigerant. Ammonia is a very energy-efficient substance with minimal environmental impact. Its global warming potential (GWP) is 0. Residual heat from cooling process will be used to a maximum, e.g., it will be distributed to the factory’s heating system which significantly reduces the consumption of primary resources.

Randel Veerits, Plant Director of E-Piim: “The purpose of constructing E-Piim’s Paide factory is to create a climate-neutral and automated dairy industry based on the best technology, with a processing capacity of up to 1150 tons of milk per day, and thereby promote the competitiveness of E-Piim and the entire Estonian dairy industry. Gren energy service enables us to reduce the risks related to the construction and operation of the factory and to focus on our core business.”

Kevin Vaher, Chief Growth Officer of Gren: „The current situation in the region has a huge impact on the industries and their consumers – increasing energy prices and costs of lending money, challenges with the security of supply and unequal support of industries in European common market. In this situation, it is highly important for industries to focus on strengthening their core business, optimize production and business processes and review supply chains. Gren energy service supports industries, creating synergies, which strengthens their competitiveness. We will provide industrial cooling for E-Piim’s dairy factory and with this take 100% responsibility for its cooling supply.“

The construction of an industrial cooling system for the factory has begun and it is planned to start producing cooling in April 2023.

Additional information:

Kevin Vaher, Chief Growth Officer of Gren, [email protected]

Randel Veerits, E-Piim Tootmine AS Paide tehase direktor, [email protected]


E-Piim is one of the largest cheese and butter producers and exporters in Estonia, which majority is owned by more than a two hundred Estonian and Latvian dairy farmers.


Gren is a Northern European energy company with the purpose to energize the future today. The company is developing and providing energy solutions that range from sustainable district heating to renewable and industrial energy. Gren energy service offers a tailor-made energy solution that meets the specific needs of industry, from the production of industrial cooling energy, water-based thermal energy, steam, purified wastewater or other necessary resources. Gren finances, designs and constructs these energy systems and operates them through the lifecycle.