Gren joined Juodeliai’s production expansion with sustainable energy through Industrial Energy Service


Northern European energy company Gren is pleased to announce its Industrial Energy Service (IES) partnership with Juodeliai, Europe’s leading wooden pallet blanks manufacturer, to participate in the expansion of Juodeliai’s production capacity at their Marijampolė site. This collaboration will introduce a complex configuration of energy services that converts wood processing residues into valuable industrial heat, essential for Juodeliai’s new lumber drying process.

Gren’s Industrial Energy Service team will implement 10MW energy plant. Initially, the plant will provide 5MW of process heat, potentially expanding to 10MW in the coming years, contingent on Juodeliai’s growing energy needs. Gren will take full responsibility for the energy production operations throughout the plant’s lifecycle, ensuring a reliable and efficient energy supply.

Key Features of the Industrial Energy Service:

  • Full lifecycle service: Gren finances, designs and constructs the business-critical industrial energy infrastructure, operates and maintains that through a long-term agreement.
  • Sustainable energy: Gren’s solution will utilize Juodeliai’s wood processing residues, turning them into a sustainable source of industrial heat.
  • Initial capacity and future expansion: The project will start with a capacity of 5MW and plan to scale up to 10MW as demand increases.
  • Comprehensive management: Gren will manage all aspects of energy production, ensuring operational excellence and sustainability.

Petras Jašinskas, Chief Executive Officer at Juodeliai, commented, “The expansion of our production capacity is vital to meet the increasing demand for our products. Gren managed to propose a long-term energy security model for Juodeliai by flexibly adapting transparent terms of a long-term partnership. Gren’s innovative energy solution aligns perfectly with our sustainability goals and operational requirements. We look forward to a successful partnership that benefits our business and the environment.”

“Our partnership with Juodeliai represents a significant step forward in providing Industrial Energy Service in Lithuania,” said Kevin Vaher, Chief Growth Officer of Gren Group. “Navigating through the uncertainty of the energy future is challenging and requires leadership and expertise, which is enabled by close and transparent cooperation and partnership. We’re very proud that Juodeliai chose to rely on Gren’s IES, a complete full life cycle service, allowing them to focus on their core business. By converting wood processing residues into valuable energy, we are addressing a critical waste management issue and providing a reliable and efficient energy source for Juodeliai’s expanding production needs.”

The collaboration between Gren and Juodeliai will commence immediately, with the new energy and production facilities expected to be operational by autumn 2025.

About Juodeliai

Established in 1994, UAB Juodeliai has evolved into one of Europe’s leading producers of wooden pallet blanks. Now, being a part of the TMV Capital group, Juodeliai leverages cutting-edge technologies to ensure rapid production while maintaining exceptional quality standards. The company’s annual production capacity reaches 650,000 m³, with wood processing volumes up to 1,300,000 m³ per year.

Continuous growth and many years of experience led UAB Juodeliai to cross Lithuania’s borders and become one of the largest manufacturers of wooden pallet blanks in Europe. The company’s products are distributed to partners in Asia, North America, and Africa. UAB Juodeliai employs over 600 professionals across its office and four production plants.