Gren supports war struck Ukrainians


On Thursday, February 24, Russian troops invaded Ukraine. This completely unjustified and unacceptable Russian war against the sovereignty of Ukraine and its people has engendered both sorrow and compassion in us all.

To support Ukrainians suffering from the brutal and cruel war in Ukraine, Gren – the Northern European green energy company, is donating 30 000 Euro or 100 Euro per each Gren employee to the Red Cross. The donation sum will be equally distributed to the Red Cross organizations in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

“This is a time when no one can stand indifferent. All our eyes are on Ukraine where millions of innocent people are suffering, dying, were forced to leave their homes and native country. It is inconceivable that something like this could happen in 21st century Europe. We, Gren, colleagues, are in solidarity with European democratic values and support Ukrainian people suffering from the war. We are sure that the Red Cross organizations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will target our support for the purposes where it is most needed and helpful for Ukrainians. We are prepared to continue our support in the future.” says Ilkka Niiranen, the CEO of Gren.