Gren will provide energy for 2024 European Capital of Culture volunteers


One of the pivotal factors ensuring the success of next year’s European Capital of Culture, Tartu, will be the unwavering commitment of hundreds of volunteers who will oversee the seamless execution of all events.

Recognising the crucial role of these volunteers for Tartu 2024, we have chosen to bolster their efforts by providing them with the energy they require for their demanding schedules. “Volunteers serve as the very foundation of all events. Their immense contribution to Tartu 2024 cannot be understated,” remarked Margo Külaots, country manager of Estonia.

“For us, championing the community and its people has always been paramount. Upon learning the opportunity to support volunteers, our decision was instantaneous,” Külaots further added.

Kuldar Leis, a board member of Tartu 2024, highlighted that Gren is a global firm that plays a significant role in the vitality of Tartu. “Their endorsement is invaluable to the cultural capital. The involvement of such an international corporation signifies that Tartu 2024’s brand and program are indeed of global caliber.”

Leis went on to add, “On 26th January, the inaugural ceremony of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 is scheduled, which will see the involvement of over a hundred volunteers. Gren’s support is dedicated exclusively to these volunteers’ well-being. Their significance to the triumph of the title year in Tartu and Southern Estonia is monumental.”