New highly qualified professionals joining Gren


On December 1, 2021, two highly qualified and experienced professionals are joining Gren: Reena Säästla as Chief Legal Counsel and Tomas Miskunas as Chief Information Officer.

Ilkka Niiranen, the CEO of Gren, warmly welcomes the new colleagues to the team: “I am very pleased that Gren team has been joined by highly qualified professionals in their field who are excited and determined to participate in our interesting journey of growth and development into an independent customer-centric residential and industrial energy solutions provider. The journey of new activities in Gren is taking up speed!”

Reena Säästla and Tomas Miskunas will be part of Gren Management Team.

Reena Säästla
Chief Legal Counsel

Reena Säästla as Chief Legal Counsel (CLC) will be responsible for legal affairs of the entire Gren Group. She will lead and develop legal strategy of Gren and will provide direction and support of legal and regulatory issues.

Reena Säästla is an experienced legal counsel who has worked in energy business for the last 13 years. Reena joins Gren from Adven Group, where she has been Chief Legal Counsel for the Baltics. Previously she has worked for Eesti Energia.

Tomas Miskunas
Chief Information Officer

Tomas Miskunas as Chief Information Officer (CIO) will be responsible for ensuring that Gren’s long term strategy is supported by IT/business technology in respect of operational excellence, M&A readiness and cyber security. Tomas Miskunas and business technology team will drive Gren’s IT/business strategy, technology roadmap and development.

Tomas Miskunas is highly professional leader experienced on managing complex programs and transformations for major global businesses. He joins Gren from Ignitis Group, where he has been leading IT Development.