Ten years for the Waste-to-Energy industry in Lithuania


Over ten years, the amount of waste converted into energy would equal 250 ‘Švyturio arenas’.

The first Waste-to-Energy plant in Lithuania started operating in May 2013, and over a decade, it converted more than 2 million tons of waste into energy. This amount is roughly equivalent to 250 ‘Švyturio arenas’.

This week marks not only the 10th anniversary of the Gren Klaipėda Waste-to-Energy plant but also the entire Waste-to-Energy industry in Lithuania. The plant in Klaipėda was the first of its kind in Lithuania and the Baltic countries. Today, three Waste-to-Energy plants are operating in Lithuania.

A decade ago, the waste problem in Lithuania was very acute. In 2013, as much as 96 % of all waste ended up in landfills, with only 4 % recycled. In comparison, European countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany had already largely ceased landfill operations at that time and successfully recycled or converted their entire waste stream into energy.

Vitalijus Žuta, Country Head of Gren Lietuva, says: “Over a decade, we have fulfilled our promise, and today we pledge to continue cleaning up Lithuania. As a result, our country has moved from the bottom of the waste management table to the side where the best-performing countries are. Based on our pace, it will not take another decade for us to be among the leaders”.

Lithuania sends up to 15 % of municipal waste to landfills today. Approximately a quarter of it is converted into energy, while half is recycled. Although progress is evident, the goal for the future is to eliminate landfills altogether.

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