Welcome to our new website!


We are delighted to announce the launch of our refreshed website, aimed at better serving all our diverse stakeholders, with a special focus on our valued customers. The new website offers concise information about Gren and the array of services we provide, while sharing insights into our growth and journey toward sustainable success.

Ilkka Niiranen, CEO of Gren states: “Our goal was not only to refresh the website’s design but also to create a platform that reflects our values, aspirations, and dedication to excellence in everything we do. In addressing feedback from our stakeholders, we have emphasized Gren’s significance as a major player in our markets by sharing key performance indicators such as combined capacities, revenues, energy deliveries, and ESG KPIs. This transparency underscores our commitment to accountability and sustainability. Another notable addition is the inclusion of content explaining the benefits of district heating and waste-to-energy solutions, catering to readers who may not be familiar with these concepts. Moreover, we are diligently working to incorporate additional customer references to further enrich the user experience. We also recognize the importance of attracting future talent, which is why we have expanded our career section and introduced career stories, providing valuable insights into life at Gren and the experiences of our team members.

Our renewed website is designed to serve our local audiences effectively, with tailored content for customers, regulators, and counterparties across different markets. With versions available internationally on gren.com and in four countries– Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and the United Kingdom, we ensure compliance with regulatory demands and meet the diverse business needs of our stakeholders.

We invite you to explore our new website and discover what is new on it!